David Toporowski
David Topotowski

David is an artist who believes true art comes from within and is cultivated and nurtured through patience and experience. From his beginnings as a decorative painter, creating murals, marbeleized, wood-grained and textured techniques, David evolved a unique painting style. His interest in stone carving led him to create hand-sculpted works of art on rigid polystyrene, which are then vibrantly painted with metallics, stains, shellacs and varnishes. This self-concocted mixture of medias gives his work a mystical feel, which is both modern and ancient in its design. His technique creates a life-like display as its textures and movements collide with that of the natural world, and explores the emotional terrain of the human spirit.

David Toporowski

My calling as an artist led me from house painting, to decorative painting, to muralist, to contemporary artist. While working and taking several courses at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, I developed and refined the techniques that I use in my “hanging sculptures”. These 3 dimensional impressions of movement and emotion are infused with a sense of spirituality which is the background essence of all my creations. This is no doubt the result of my personal evolution as a human being. I believe that all art is inspired and waiting to be expressed. When we allow ourselves the space to let what is to come forward, we breathe beauty into the world through our being.

My goal as an artist is to move, enlighten and inspire the human spirit. My professional goal is to expand my reach and get exposure through galleries that will allow me to do this on a broader level. I would like my career to provide the opportunity for me to thrive doing what I love.

Dave Toporowski

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